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Founded in 1986, CMR Studios is a state-of-the-art Tampa Bay facility that shoots with the best in motion picture gear including RED ONE and RED EPIC Digital Cinema Cameras. CMR was the first facility in West Florida to offer Ultra HD Production and Post using the RED ONE camera and is the only production facility in Tampa Bay that owns both a RED ONE and the new EPIC camera.

CMR shoots video on location and in our green screen studio with infinty wall hard cyc. We also provide Pro-Tools digital audio recording for voiceovers, ADR and Foley, 3D animation, motion graphics, compositing, color correction, and color grading. Every aspect of production and post-production is here under one roof.

Our extensive portfolio includes television spots, sales, training, technical and medical videos, independent feature films, TV pilots, documentaries, award shows, and web videos.

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Ultra HD refers to the resolution the RED Digital Cinema cameras capture. We actually coined the term when we purchased our first RED ONE camera. Our RED EPIC camera is the same camera used in major motion pictures. The image quality is just part of the reason we use it. The other is the flexibility it gives us in the post-production process. Because of the image size, we can actually do camera moves and zooms that would normally require additional shots. In fact we have actually shot commercials in a single take and made it look like a multi-cam production. It's a time and cost saving tool that unleashes your creativity.

Size Comparison of RED ONE 4K and other video formats
RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera at CMR Studios, Tampa, FL

The RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera
shoots in a native resolution of 4K.